Saturday, February 24, 2007


- i took two days off of work to 'regroup' and perhaps stop hating my job. unfortunately, i had so much fun cleaning my apt and washing my car on those two days that i hate my job even more.

- we have gusts of wind up to 63 MPH today here in old Lubbcock. it sucks ass.

- there is a lot of construction going on in my office, and i gave this construction worker an ugly look. he asked me if he was making too much noise, and i said, 'no. i just felt like giving you a dirty look. is that okay?' he probably thinks i'm crazy.

- i pushed a co-worker out of my way the other day and told him to 'get out of my way, you old man.' i really think i need a vacation.

- i plan on spending Sunday curled up with some coffee and reading Macbeth. since it's one of my favorite works, i am truly looking forward to it.

- i had a very strange dream last night. part of it took place on the starship Enterprise, and part of it was on a farm on the edge of a big New York type city. there was a blue shape shifting being like Mystique from X-men only it was a male actor from Days of our Lives. there was a flood, too, i think. i woke up before it was finished which kinda sucks.


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