Monday, February 12, 2007

mierda aleatoria

-i think those Mexicans, with their worthless peso and undrinkable water, are smarter than us Americans. why? because they believe in siestas. unfortunately, i just tried to indulge in one, and it didn't happen. nothing could be sadder.

-i have been reading non-stop these last few days. that means i've finished five novels and am working on 6 and 7, and i've been in school exactly one month today. i think they're trying to kill me so they don't have to give me a diploma, but it's not going to work, i say!

-i have nothing to look forward to this month. next month, however, is Spring Break. i hope mine consists of a lot of TV watching and some martinis and bloody marys. then, in April, i heard the new NIN CD is coming out. and, of course, graduation in May. i'm compartmentalizing my time in order to keep my sanity.

-my Saturday work schedule has changed so that instead of leaving around the time i need to worry about drunk drivers, i will be leaving at 7PM. i don't really know what to do with a free Saturday night, but i think it will involve copious amounts of liquor and maybe a little Scrabble to keep it intellectual.

-i just ate a sammich at Schlotzsky's, and i must say it hit all the spots. i don't know why i don't eat there more often.



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