Wednesday, July 05, 2006

jury exemption disqualification

remember a few weeks ago when i wrote the following?

i was summoned to jury duty...yesterday. i called and had to leave a message stating that i was a blight on the justice system of America and an embarrassment to my forefathers. then i begged for a reschedule. (i left out the part that says i will be in class when the reschedule comes and therefore exempt. pray for my degenerate soul.)

well i got my new summons, and as promised, i am worming my way out of it. i noticed a new feature that states i can submit my exemption online. super! i love being online. so there i go to the website, and being a meticulous person, i read all the instructions when i notice that there is a section for exemption and a section for disqualification. continuing reading, i see that my student status puts me in the former, but the fact that i'm not of sound mind or good moral character puts me in the latter. hmmm. i'd ask for your opinions, but i'm already risking cruel and unusual punishment by waiting so long to do this task. lack of morals it is. if they want proof, they can ask any one of my co-workers how may times a day i flip the bird. in fact, i'm doing it right now.


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