Tuesday, November 28, 2006

things i just don't get...

-why weasel number 2 will use her litter box when i'm home but refuses to use it the second i leave the apartment. i think she's going through some kind of rebellious streak that seems to last her entire lifetime.

-the abundance of celebrity snatch shots available to the paparazzi. Britney Spears just joined that club. here are the very unflattering pictures if you care to see them (and they are not work friendly!): buy some underwear, Britney!

-how English majors can't grasp simple grammar. if you're expecting to write for a living, you should be able to put sentences together in a coherent manner.

-my ability to eat an entire pie in two days and still not pacify my sweet tooth.

-how much fluid i drink in one day! (and i don't mean the alcoholic kind, although i am considering upping that intake to a more tolerable level.) i think i have a medical condition.


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