Thursday, November 16, 2006


if you're still reading this post in hopes of learning new and exciting sexual positions, you're in for a sure disappointment, my friend. (of course, by stating that warning, i've now attracted a whole new kind of perv to my blog.) here's a random list of my position on various topics.

global warming- i'm all for it! my favorite type of day is the one where you walk outside at midnight, and it's still hot. who needs glaciers anyway?

corn- it's disgusting. anything that comes out of you looking the same way it did when it went in should be banned from the category of food.

trickle down economics- well right now i'm against it. i'm almost at the bottom of the ladder, and there's nothing trickling down here. of course, once i'm a mighty financial power, i'll switch sides because, yes, i'm a fair weather friend.

guinea pigs-
i love guinea pigs! i've asked Bitter Half for one repeatedly, but he has set his foot down on this one. (i could easily just go get one myself, but B.H. rarely forbids me to do anything. i'm just giving him the semblance of a say so in this relationship.)

i wish there were more gargoyles around. i wonder if i can buy a couple for my balcony.

Bobby Knight- super! i'm this close to inviting him to some of my classes so he can slap some classmates around. while he's at it, he can accompany me to work, too.

Top Chef- two thumbs up. i like to watch those yahoos get ridiculous assignments such as making a gourmet dish out of vending machine contents. i'd still rather just eat the snowballs, though.


Anonymous Rhea said...

I agree about the gargoyles. I know some office buildings that have gargoyles. You could arrange a gargoyle-napping.

11/18/2006 03:20:00 PM  

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