Monday, February 26, 2007

i think i have a problem.

i'm obsessed with driving my car through Quick Quack's car wash. ever since the Paternal Unit told me about their $12.95 unlimited monthly washes, i'm hooked! whenever i see a speckle of dirt, i drive on through. i love their multi colored soap, and their free vacuums are spectacular. my trusty Honda has never been cleaner. i went again today. after Saturday's dust storm (see last post), i had to go. it's not my fault. Mother Nature is a whore! it's her fault. (inspired by NIN's new song lyrics. i can't wait for April 17th.) anyhoo, i'm glad the Quick Quack peeps did not give me a hassle since someone stole my license plate. yes, that's right. some jack off stole my plate- probably to go get unlimited washes! i think i can still squeeze in a couple of more Quick Quack visits before this month is up. i can quit if i want to, you know...


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