Wednesday, January 31, 2007

life is strange (and kind of gross!)

so this morning before school i'm reading Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie. i'm assuming most people have not read this book (even though it has won awards of all kinds and is often touted as one of the most important books in the English language) so i will fill you in on the part of it i was reading. it's a chapter called Alpha and Omega, and in it, the main character gets part of his finger chopped off in a door.

after i read this chapter, i pack up and go to school where i park, catch a bus, and then plant myself on a bench to read some more since i had arrived early. that's when i check my phone. (normally, i keep the ringer on until i get to class, but today of all days i turned it off early.) to my surprise, there are several missed calls and a text. needless to say, there had been an accident. and get this! Bitter Half had chopped off part of his finger in a door! while i was reading about it, it happened. strange.

so i leave class and head that way to find B.H. comfortably numb and his finger tip sitting in a cup. (i will try to post a pic for those of you who like that type of gross stuff. it's on B.H.'s phone, and he's asleep doped up right now.)

the docs could not reattach the tip so they did the best they could. when asked if we wanted to keep the tip, we declined. (B.H. seemed rather sad about losing a piece of himself, and i guess he didn't want the painful reminder of his ordeal. i thought it was kind of creepy and yet kept staring at it anyway. and B.H. seemed hurt when i called it creepy, and so i didn't need it sitting around my house where i would probably continue to call it such. in my defense, i wasn't saying his finger tip was creepy, but when you see something out of context, e.g. a finger tip not on a finger, it is rather creepy...)

since i had texted my bro about the incident, he had spread the word to my sis, and then my parents knew, etc. so Tangerine Dream and Gold Digger went to keep me company while B.H. was in surgery, and of course we were getting in trouble throughout the hospital. my sis even went to ask if the ER still had the finger because some macabre part of her wanted to see it after i vividly described it.

i'm a little sad about it, too. B.H.'s hands are one of the features i've always loved about him, and i have often claimed that i could pick them out of a line up blindfolded. (well of course i can now that he has stumpy, but i digress...) a day doesn't go by that i don't kiss his fingertips, but i am grateful that i still have nine intact ones to continue kissing. i'm also grateful that he's okay for the most part.

it's been a long day full of all kinds of drama, and i think i'm going to go to bed early and just do my homework in the morning. i hope everyone else's days were more average than mine.


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