Sunday, April 01, 2007

blogging in real time

i thought i'd try something different so i'm blogging in real time while i sit at the coffee shop and work on this God forsaken novel.

3:44- i've written 379 words. my damn headphones died so i have no musical motivation either. but this coffee is dee-lish, and it's hitting the spots.

4:03- i'm now at 821 words. the coffee shop put on some orchestral music which i'm enjoying. i'm tempted to visit blogs rather than write this novel, but i'm determined to stay the course! also, this employee here is really chipper. i can't understand people like that. maybe she's chewing on coffee beans.

4:34- this places closes at freakin' five. what the hell? oh, by the way, i'm at 1,313 words. i really need to get at least five thousand done today. ten thousand would be ideal. i think i may go to Starbucks after this. if i go home, i will be seduced by the TV or a nap or Tumble Bees on Pogo. i have the attention span of a fruit fly.

3:50- i went back in time. yes, that's right, i must've entered a time portal while sitting here at the coffee shop. this whole time i've been "blogging in real time" has been a lie! turns out my computer clock was an hour ahead so i still have time to sit here and write. speaking of, i'm at 1,611 words. not too shabby if i say so myself.

4:22- 2,064 words. i'm very pleased to say that i've included muff, joto, and nipple among those. (my sense of achievement comes easily.)

4:46- i'm at 2,500 words. halfway to my goal for today. i have to pee like a mo fo since i've had about thirty cups of coffee. i don't want to go here because i have a thing with public restrooms so i plan on going home in a bit to relieve myself. the coffee lady just put my coffee in a to go cup so i take it that i need to get going. everyone's so nice here! if it was me, i'd have given everyone a hearty shove out the door.

6:29- i went home and took a break. then i came to Jason's Deli only to find that aliens sucked the battery out of my laptop so i give up for today. halfway to my goal is fine with me. i'm going to use the rest of this computer's juice to read blogs. ta ta!



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