Saturday, March 24, 2007


i am at work being bored so i decided to watch the boob tube. there is absolutely nothing on. i really don't get it. i have sixty million channels, and there is just crap. the absolute best thing i can find is a stupid Lifetime movie. it's about how a young, university student gets hazed to death. well, i guess about fifty percent of Lifetime movies follow that storyline. anyhow, this particular one stars a young Hilary Swank before she turned into a man. what? she's not really a man, you say? is she at least part rabbit? because she's got humongous front teeth.



Blogger Bunny said...

This post made me laugh out loud and someone making me do that this early in the morning is not an easy task. You're too funny!

Also, if you want to remove your evil blogger navbar that's covering part of your title go to:

3/28/2007 05:59:00 AM  
Blogger christine said...

thanks, bunny. as far as the navbar, i'm not seeing it blocking my title. i thought it was because i use Firefox so i checked it out in IE, and i still see no problem. perhaps it's just on yours? i had removed the navbar some time ago, and then i put it back because my blog looked bald. who needs a bald blog?

3/28/2007 10:24:00 AM  

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