Tuesday, July 18, 2006

proof my family is a bunch of wierdos.

1. Tangerine Dream- he sent me a text today relating his latest exploit. he begins it with stating that he was not drunk at the time. this fact is crucial because most of his stories involve alcohol. let me just give you his own words:

I worked out pretty hard [at the gym] so I wanted to relax in the dry sauna before going home. I walk into the sauna, and there are 3 peeps in the corner chatting. It's a big room so I sit next to the lava rocks in the center just minding my own and listening to my iPod. Then for no reason, they split up in to different areas thus having to yell at one another to communicate like the room is the fucking size of a football stadium. wtf?!? So I proceed to glare thinking that they'll get the hint, but NO! After 8 minutes of this and not being able to enjoy my Diana Krall , I've had it...So what do I do? I put on some Scorps and begin to sing "Big Tittie Nights" at the top of my lungs- air guitar and head banging and all!!! Then they start staring but whatever, right? It's a love song. They call me a rude, weird fucker, and they split. Those dumb bastards. I had complete solitude for the next 15 minutes. It was excellent. Good times!

2. Gold Digger- she ate some lunch yesterday before heading to teach a class, and for some reason, none of the food she ate made it in her mouth. it was all on her shirt, hands, pants, hair, etc. wtf?!?! i know she has several young children, but using their lunch techniques is really unacceptable.

3. me- since creating a MySpace account, i have ignored everyone who has messaged me except for one. he's someone from my past, and i decided (after much consideration) to reply. we've chatted off and on about various light topics since then. today, as i was replying to his message, i wrote a really personal and heartfelt paragraph amidst the other light hearted ones. i wasn't planning on sending it. i was just typing it to get it off my chest. at the last second, i decided to leave it, and i hit send. i'm not someone who lives in regret, but i'm wondering if my course of action was the best possible one. probably not, but I never claimed to make the best decisions in life.


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