Tuesday, August 22, 2006

i'll take potpourri for $2000, Alex.

you know how they sometimes have the potpourri category on Jeopardy? it's just made up of a bunch of leftover clues that never got aired. this post uses that concept. it's just a bunch of crap, really.

so, i haven't been posting lately. why? i've been kinda down. i think part of the reason is that i start a killer semester in a week, and i'm in the dumps about it. goodbye life. goodbye all inklings of free time. goodbye TV and sleeping late. sigh.

i paid half of my tuition yesterday. i also made the mistake of looking at my credit card bill before i signed my life over to Tech. i think i had a mild seizure, but i can't be sure because i also blacked out.

i think i was bitten by the tse tse fly yesterday. in case you don't know, it's a fly that carries the African Sleeping Disease. once you're infected you get sleepier and sleepier until one day you don't wake up. i didn't actually see the damn fly take a bite out of me, but after i went to the chiropractor, paid my tuition, and ate lunch with Tangerine Dream and Bitter Half, i was exhausted. i reclined on my futon and sustained myself with trail mix.

i just went and had a pow wow with my boss to figure out how the hell i'm going to work when i'm going to be living at school. i'm pretty sure the schedule we worked out has me working 10 days a week. don't ask me how that works out. we also decided that sleeping was a luxury and not a right.

our vet called and asked us to take in two homeless weasels because we're the best weasel parents ever. i made the mistake of going to look at them. upon contemplation, b.h. and i decided we could not take in any more responsibility. good thing i've taken sleep off my agenda. otherwise i'd be haunted by those two little critters in my dreams.

i haven't gone to the gym since my return from Vegas. i'm officially a disgusting, pasty slob. i'm going today after work.

i've got nothing else to say, but i'm trying to make this post freakishly long so when people stumble by, their pathetic pea sized brains go into overload and start to sizzle.


Blogger Bianca Roland said...

I would workout more often if I had someone to workout with. It's no fun doing it by myself.

8/23/2006 08:59:00 PM  

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