Wednesday, August 02, 2006

say it isn't so.

yesterday, i got out of class pretty early so instead of going to work, i went to the gym. i also went the other day when class was cancelled. here's the thing. i like going early in the day. it kind of gives me a little energy boost, and i'm actually thinking of getting up early from now on so i can get in an early bird work out. this thought can only mean one of three things:

a. i'm getting old. it's inevitable, but i refuse to believe it's already happened.

b. i'm becoming self disciplined. this one's a shocker because, unless you're born that way, self discipline usually only comes with parenthood (and sometimes not even then.)

c. i'm a freak of nature. this choice is probably the most viable because i'm also contemplating opening a sammich shop when i graduate just so i can eat sammiches all the live long day...

of course, i'm only thinking of getting up early to work out which is by no means a binding declaration. if i decide to stay in my comforter nest until noon, that's my business.


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