Friday, August 18, 2006

thoughts from my Vegas trip:

1. people are huge. yes, that's right. hu-freaking-mongous. next time i go, i'll need to gain five hundred pounds to fit in.

2. old people take their gambling seriously. it's a ritual and a rite all in one, i suppose.

3. i barely escaped severe bodily harm this visit. luckily, instead of broken bones, i only returned with many, many bruises.

4. next time, i will only stay for four days. six days was too much for my poor, pathetic body to endure comfortably. i'm either getting old in age or too healthy and therefore unaccustomed to Vegas toxins.

5. hitting one of the trendiest nightclubs in the country was truly worth the money and effort. anyone without a pocket protector should give it a try.

6. my next trip will probably be a graduation trip so it will be chock full of extravagances. i better start saving now.


Blogger Michael said...

1. And that is why my meek 260lb frame fits in so well out there.

2. never get in the way of a granny and her nickel slots. She'll cut ya.

3. That's what you get for losing weight.

4. I learned that lesson too. 4 days is perfect. But I never quit putting toxins into my body just so I can stay in shape.

5. I won't leave home without my pocket protector... they let me in one of them thar trendy places though.

6. That's near top of my list when I graduate... go back

8/18/2006 11:55:00 PM  
Blogger Bianca Roland said...

People are huge all over the place. And have you ever noticed how they seem to travel in packs? You rarely see just one fat person by his/herself. It's always whole families.

8/19/2006 09:53:00 AM  
Blogger christine said...

michael- you'd think the fact that i lost weight would cause broken bones because i have less padding to cushion the blows...

bianca- the weird thing is that i live in Texas- the most fat and gluttonous state around. so i'm not sure if i just don't get out much unless i'm in Vegas or if i just notice it more when i'm trying to speed walk down the Strip and there is a wall of people i can't get around.

8/19/2006 11:00:00 AM  

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