Wednesday, September 06, 2006

it's the second week of school and...

i'm already way behind. i have a procrastination habit, and it's ugly. i have yet to crack a textbook, but i am current on my required novel reading so i guess that's something. here's a list of my classes this semester:

-Proper Hand Gestures in Public 2301
-The Art of Telling Tall Tales to Help the Texas Tech Student Pretend the American Education System Actually Works 3351 (i'm taking this one twice.)
-Blaming Your Mental Problems on Your Biology 3327
-All the Ways You Can Be Screwed When the Condom Fails 4310

and what the hell am i doing instead? blogging. i'm such a waste of skin at this point. oooh! Futurama's on. got to go.


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