Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Plan

most of you know i'm an insomniac who is struggling with a particularly stubborn bout as of late. but i have concocted The Plan. here it is:

1. i will take a really hot, melt your skin off, bath. it should be relaxing and therapeutic once the first aid is administered.

2. i'll drink some Sleepytime tea. it's soothing and a natural sleep inducer. plus it tastes like spearmint.

3. i'll read the textbook for my Physiology of Psychology class because nothing could put me to sleep faster than reading about neuropharmacology and magnetic resonance imaging.

4. if i'm still awake after steps 1-3, i'm declaring myself a zombie and resorting to attacking the living. the plus side is that i don't need to do laundry because zombies always have tattered and dirty clothing.


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