Sunday, December 03, 2006

kid's birthday party

so one of my nephews is having a party tonight at the local skating rink. i know you probably think i'm the graceful, ballerina-esqe type, but i'm not. i hope i don't break any bones, mine or someone else's. (although if anyone is going to incur bodily harm, i hope it's not me.) i will take my camera to record the "Roller Rink Massacre," as i've already dubbed it, but it may be hard to take pictures when i'm lying bloody and mangled and curled in the fetal position by the wall. i'm also in charge of the cake. baking is my forte, but i'm too tired and grouchy to don the domestic diva apron today so i will be buying the most obnoxious, sugar-laden concoction i can find at United. if it's not hideous enough, i'm planning to ask a baker to add to it. i'll show 'em to what happens when they give me responsibilities on my day off... well, i hope everyone has an equally entertaining day today!


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