Friday, December 22, 2006

random shit

you know when sometimes you hear a song, and it just transports you to another time and place in your life? i just heard one on the way home from shopping, and it amazes me how long ago that memory seems now. i was a whole different person back then. i've died and been reborn. what an odd thing to look back and see yourself and not even recognize what you see. oh. by the way, i'm all drugged up on cold medication so that could be part of the problem...

speaking of shopping, i had a pretty good experience this year. i didn't have to yell at any sales people , and aside from a total moron at CompUSA yesterday, almost everyone has been very helpful. here's a little clip of what i had been expecting:

wait...i lied. i guess youtube yanked the SNL clip i was going to show you so here's another one that's disturbing on so many levels i cannot begin to warn you. it's been circulating around for the past week so you've probably seen it, but if you haven't, then have fun!



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