Tuesday, December 19, 2006


i got it in my head that i needed to get back to taking spin classes at the gym. unfortunately, my crazy schedule doesn't allow me the luxury of taking just any class so i see that there is one called X-biking available. i invite Tangerine Dream to join me, and he agrees. somehow i misinterpret the class description and am anticipating a leisurely bike ride through open meadows and dewy glens where bunnies hop freely to and fro. instead i am transported to hell. within five minutes we are sweating literal rivers. i can't control the bike and remember the instructor saying that if i should run into that problem, it's because i don't have enough resistance so i raise it until i feel like i'm swimming in concrete. sometime during this nightmare, T.D. glances over and says, 'leisurely?' in a miserable tone. when i finally get my groove on, my legs are spaghetti. i decide to stick to it and try some combos that the instructor is urging us to do. after two, i think i'm going to vomit. if i thought i could have made it to the restroom, i'd have made a run for it, but my legs no longer follow orders and merely flail about helplessly in a pathetic display. so i sit down and just try keep some semblance of normalcy. i think i might have blacked out, too. i remember one song starting and ending, but i don't remember anything in between. later T.D. relates an equally disturbing experience in class so i know i'm not the only person who almost collapsed in a pile by his/her bike. anyway, we're going back again on Thursday to do it all over again.



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