Monday, December 18, 2006

random news

-i didn't fail any tests this semester, but if i had, i'd pray to God it wouldn't be the gender test.

-a mass dog wedding being organized to promote "canine culture" was cancelled because an animal activist group believes that marriage is cruel and akin to torture. i think most of us would concur.

-my mother's birthday is tomorrow, and i figured i'd go online to find some fashion tips for a good 'mother's birthday outfit.' Britney Spears never lets me down!

-Time Magazine named its "Person of the Year." it's you. that's right. you. look at yourself right now and picture that image on the cover of a high profile magazine. it's a disgusting thought, isn't it? either mankind is truly on the verge of negating the existence of the universe with its complete uselessness, or Time just pulled the biggest cop out since Clinton's "i didn't inhale" fiasco.



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