Friday, January 19, 2007

i think i might have a problem.

i was using my sugar cookie hand towelettes. then i used my marshmallow hand lotion. that's when i noticed a trend and realized that i have an inordinate number of yummy products. i am currently using pumpkin pie body wash since my hot cocoa one ran out. (and when i say currently i don't mean right this second while i'm at work. that would just be weird. i mean on a regular basis at home.) i also have a matching pumpkin pie body wash, chocolate lip gloss and glitter body spray, vanilla lip gloss and the list goes on. it's like a disease or something! i guess it's better that i'm just applying these things to my body rather than stuffing my face with all that crap. actually, thinking about them made me want hot chocolate so i gotsta go.


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