Friday, January 19, 2007


i think that to write for a living one must have a little bit of craziness in their blood. it's part of the whole package. that being said, let me tell you about my newest assignment. my creative writing prof decided to give us a genre for our second story. in one column, we listed stuff such as romance, action/adventure, sci fi, etc. then in another column, we listed more specific topics that we, as a class, felt were interesting. some examples of these are transvestite, amputee, accountant, zombie, etc. then we had to draw one from each column in order to create our specific genre. needless to say, there were some interesting ones. one guy got sci fi accountant. a girl got action/adventure painter. i got romance prostitute. our first story is supposed to be about ninjas, and i haven't started it yet. now i have to worry about writing a hooker story. well, at least our homework isn't boring.


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