Saturday, January 06, 2007

this weather is for the birds!

not literally because they have the sense to move elsewhere when it gets cold. i'm dreaming of sandy beaches and scorching heat already.

for some reason, i've decided to inflict pain on my body on a regular basis and have changed my work schedule to allow for regular X-biking classes at the gym. i'm pretty sure there's something wrong with me.

i thought i would blog freely today, but it looks like i might actually have to work since we are short on people. sometimes i wonder if i really need all the nice things i own and could just do with a more Bohemian lifestyle where i wear Patchouli and don't work. then i remember that those people stink and don't have sweet iPods, and i trudge along back to the ol' job.

i went jogging the other day (before the weather turned against humanity), and i was daydreaming of running alongside my dog. then, to add to the daydream, i was imagining an Austin park complete with actual trees instead of just twigs like in Lubbsuck. a sizely woman with a lack of manners snapped me back into reality. i would have flipped her off and told her to try running, too, but that would have required more energy than i had so i just made a face at her and went on my merry way. i really hate people.

i can't blog and work at the same time. i am going to fire myself and go home and go to bed...


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