Tuesday, January 02, 2007

bunch of nothing

-last night, as i was struggling to go to sleep, i happily realized that i have long and luxurious eyebrows. now that i'm fully awake, this epiphany brings to mind several good questions. one, why am i petting my own eyebrows? and, two, why would i consider long and luxurious eyebrows a good trait?

-i just went outside to walk to the laundromat. i got several weird stares. probably because that, even though it is about 35 degrees outside, i am wearing shorts that look more like bikini bottoms. for some reason my legs don't get cold.

-earlier i heard a car making odd noises. it sounded just like the sound on the Enterprise when someone approaches a door to someone's quarters. peeto-peeto. i almost said, "come!" in my most Picard-like voice.

-my TV is on it's last leg!!! this problem is truly a life and death crisis for me. if anyone hears of a store that has some good after Christmas specials on TVs, please let me know ASAP. i am this close to robbing a neighbor.

-i was going to write a post reflecting on last year's resolutions and post some new ones, but i've been too sick and grouchy to be retrospective and idealistic. maybe i'll get around to it next week.

-i'm about a third of the way through The Satanic Verses, and i start classes next week. it's not that i'm a slow reader. on the contrary, i'm unbelievably fast, but i've been sulking. i also read a book that Bitter Half gave me for Christmas instead.

-i cannot decide on what to do to celebrate my looming graduation. at first, i thought of a big party in Vegas. then i thought, "screw all my friends" and planned on a cruise for me and Bitter Half. but where? the less expensive trip means the Caribbean, but i want to see Vatican City and Italy and Spain. i think i'll just call my travel agent and have him figure this all out. it's too stressful for me at this point.

-Bitter Half is watching his all time fave movie on his laptop since our TV is dying. (his laptop is enormous so it's kind of like watching it at the theater.) his favorite movie, you ask? The Princess Bride. if that doesn't tell you a lot about him, then nothing will.



Blogger Michael said...

-The princess bride is an AWESOME movie. Not my favorite all time, but probably in my top ten. Andre the Giant is in it. That makes a flick.

-Vegas rocks, but nothing can beat Italy and the Vatican.

-You can catch a lot of open box deals, and clearance after christmas. Just gotta check stores regularly. Clearance on a TV will kill any sale known to man.

-would you consider Eugene Levy's eyebrows as long and luxurious?

1/03/2007 07:44:00 PM  
Blogger christine said...

Levy's brows appear long, but i'd have to feel them to see if they are luxurious. i'm pretty sure i don't need a restraining order right now so that question will have to remain unanswered for now.

1/06/2007 10:08:00 AM  

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