Saturday, March 17, 2007

random thoughts

- i went walking at the park the other day, and i think i met a deaf bird. i was stomping up to him in my typical, cumbersome way, and he didn't move. so i kept a comin'. (he was looking away from me.) when i got a few inches from stomping him to smithereens, he cocked his head and saw me. i've never seen a bird move so fast.

- Bitter Half is not home this weekend. i can't sleep when he's not here so i'm a zombie. (only without the rotting flesh and ragged clothing.)

- i'm wondering how i've managed to keep my job with my colorful vocabulary. i've hit the point where i only refer to coworkers as hookers, douche bags, jack offs, and fuck faces. that's what happens when you spend too much time working.

- i had a dream that one of my friends killed her boyfriend. it played out like a movie, and she did it in self defense. in typicalcinematic fashion, right as i was waking up, i got the eerie sense that she had plotted it and manipulated us all. i haven't talked to her today, but i hope i don't see her on the front page news later with a glinting knife in her hand.

- i'm going to try to start taking more pics of stuff and posting them. either i'm sick of writing and am resorting to visual mediums or i'm nostalgic and needing proof of the present. (i don't even know what that means.)

- right before i graduated high school, i quit caring about everything. i remember i wore the same shirt for about a month straight. (yes, i washed it.) at first i did it just because i liked that shirt, and i really don't care what people think. then, it got to be an experiment. i wanted to see if anyone would actually say, 'hey, try changing your clothes once in a while.' no one ever did. i'm sure they noticed though. they were probably scared to open their pie holes. now that i'm about to graduate college, i'm beyond caring again. i think i need to find a good shirt that i can ear mark as my favorite and just take the work out of getting ready in the morning. ironically, the shirt i wore in high school was a Texas Tech shirt. i don't have it anymore, or i'd use it.

- i don't know if this damn post makes sense. i think i'm just typing whatever jumbled thoughts are spilling out of my zombie mind. purple.



Blogger Webmiztris said...

I'm feeling like a zombie today myself, so this post made total sense to me. :)

3/18/2007 08:39:00 AM  
Blogger tl said...

It took about 5 years for someone to have a go at me about wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans all the time.(not the same ones, but many of the same. lol.)
I fooled them, I bought a black t-shirt.


3/19/2007 07:15:00 AM  

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