Wednesday, March 07, 2007


i've been such a loser about posting lately. i've been inundated with school work and regular work. i've kept my eye out for videos and such to post, but i guess i'm not the only one that sucks because i haven't found anything good online. in fact, i looked for that creepy Shrimp Temptations commercial where the husband envisions his wife as a huge shrimp, but i can't find it anywhere. it's really disturbing, and i thought my equally disturbing readers would enjoy it. but, alas, you will have to imagine it if you haven't had the pleasure of seeing it. instead, i give you a clip of Salman Rushdie reading a particularly blasphemous clip of Satanic Verses. (i'm reading it for school, and several people have asked me about it so here's a taste.) apparently, death threats and such are no hindrance to ol' Rushdie as he enjoys reading this part of the novel on a regular basis. in it, there's a character named Salman whose job it is to write down the revelations of The Prophet (Mahound) as they are revealed by the angel Gabriel (Gibreel). needless to say, things get quite out of hand.

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