Monday, April 16, 2007

random middle of the night ramblings

- i'm a little obsessed with V for Vendetta. i've seen it an inordinate number of times since it's come out on cable. well, i haven't really seen it. i put it on in the background while i write papers. i'm surprised there isn't a subconscious inclusion of the letter V in everything i tvpe.

- May 5th is going to be the happiest day of my life. it's the day that i turn in my last assignment. there will be much rejoicing the second i hand it in. of course, the rejoicing will only last for as long as it takes me to drive from Tech to work where i will immediately take a nap and/or get drunk.

- Ulysses is a dirty novel. my thesis paper is turning out to involve masochism, phallic symbolism, and other disturbing things. it still isn't any fun, though.

- i'm up in the middle of the night because i just finished my annotated bibliography. i think i spent about twelve man hours on it, and it only has five sources. my mind is pretty simpled out. in fact, i cracked myself up earlier when Bitter Half was watching Star Wars and i asked "do you think Chewbacca brushes his face? because he looks pretty groomed." you know it's time to take a break when that happens.

- well i'm off to bed. i have to get up early to do laundry since i was a complete tool and didn't do it today. ta ta.


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