Wednesday, June 27, 2007

catching up

i know i said i'd start posting more regularly, and in all honesty, i thought i had until i just realized it's been almost a week. yikes. so what have i been up to? let's see, i bought some wasabi peas the other day. if you like wasabi, they are addictive. i ate the whole bag in about two seconds. (i just strapped it on like a feedbag and went to town.) also, i've been shirking my screenplay in order to read. i knew better than to start another book after i finished Franny and Zooey, but i did it anyway. and my screenplay has suffered for it! the last day for the script frenzy is Saturday. good thing i'm off of work on that day. i had taken off to go shopping and binge drinking in Dallas, but my douche bag brother bailed at the last sec. Bitter Half is still going, but since he will be busy winning a disc golf tournament, i decided to stay in Lubsuck and be a lazy, pathetic, screenwriting, book reading, TV watching bum.


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