Friday, June 15, 2007

caught in the act

Bitter Half does all the grocery shopping because, honestly, i'm not very domestic. so i asked him to buy me some Rockstars so i can quit spending fifty dollars a week at the convenience store. he did along with some Red Bulls for him. i like Red Bulls, but i prefer the much less caloric zero-carb Rockstars. they are also a lot more energizing so i only drink one a day (usually around 1:30 when i'm running on empty.) this morning, i wanted something that wasn't so powerful and immediately eyeballed the little four pack of Red Bulls next to about thirty Rockstars. i grabbed one and figured that Bitter Half, who often dons the absent minded professor hat, would assume he drank it. then today as i'm talking to him on the phone, he looks in the fridge and yells, 'did you drink one of my Red Bulls? after i bought you, like, fifty Rockstars?' i guess he's more astute than i had originally thought. so i confessed. it was me. i did it. now, just to be mean, i'm going to individually label all my Rockstars so he won't drink them.


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