Friday, June 15, 2007

hate this town

today, as i was headed to the gym, i noticed water hitting my windshield. it wasn't raining so, naturally, i peered around to investigate. to my right and a full car length ahead of me was a VW beetle who was cleaning its own windshield with super powerful jets of water. it looked like the freakin' Fountains at Bellagio. (speaking of the Bellagio, i have my semi-annual Vegas itch. i was plumb about to drop work, responsibilites, hell, even Bitter Half and catch a flight over there this past weekend to do some boozing and shopping. but then i remembered i had promised my sister i'd take her out for her birthday on Monday. being the phenomenal sibling that i am, i had to stay true to my word. i'm calling my travel agent soon!)


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