Thursday, June 07, 2007

pet peeves

it's been a while since i've listed some of the things that bother me so here you go.

-celebrities making national headlines for either being stupid, acting normal for their age, getting dumped, getting arrested, finding religion, etc. who the hell cares?! i know i don't. who cares if Lindsey Lohan is a coked up whore? weren't we all at her age? and Britney started clubbing when her divorce went though? how shocking, right? the few brain cells that Texas Tech didn't kill off die every time i see the damn news.

-cereal prices going up. that should be against the law. i mean it's delicious, nutritious, and should be a staple in every American diet. maybe then we wouldn't be such fat, disgusting, lazy excuses of citizens, and this world would be a better place. that's right! i said it. high priced cereal is the direct cause of American decline.

-TV summer hiatuses. i finally have time to be a vegetable, and there's nothing to watch. i've resorted to watching Animal Planet's Most Extreme. did you know that there's a disgusting bug that creates a nest by blowing gelatinous bubbles out its butt? and that the banana slug will essentially super glue a predator's mouth shut with its bodily ooze? aren't we better people now for knowing?

-women with voices like men. i just talked to someone at work who introduced herself using a woman's name. that didn't stop me from calling her sir.

-yellow teeth. good thing i have an appointment on Monday to discuss teeth whitening with my dentist. i can't wait!


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