Monday, October 01, 2007

the single life...

is interesting. i'm not sure if i'm putting out a single vibe or if things have always been this way and i've never noticed, but guys really flock to me. i went to Wal-green's last night sans make-up, contacts, and presentable attire, and every male employee there went out of their way to make sure i was shopping okay. at one point, i was hunkered over my phone in the toilet paper aisle texting someone, and a man came by to flirt. to top it all off, i was sick. can you imagine if i had been well?

and i went to visit my sister's old man at the prison. don't even get me started on the near riot i caused there. apparently, even a gay dude had the hots for me which created quite the buzz among the inmates that didn't even get to see me. my brother in law is having to beat them off with a stick or whatever prison friendly weapon he has available to him.

and of course, i went to the mall today and a chick hit on me. she said i looked great and wanted to know if i was married. but it's not all based on appearance. i spoke with a customer on the phone the other day who wanted to meet me and also asked if i was married. talk about me putting out pheromones or something! i'm not sure i can handle all this attention. who am i kidding? i love attention!


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