Monday, December 31, 2007

looking forward

i guess now is as good a time as any to post my New Year's resolutions. so here are the things i will resolve to half-heartedly attempt until about three months into the year when i will flop down on the sofa and admit to failure in order to watch Law & Order marathons.

- travel! so far on the agenda is a trip to Madrid and New York with a possible trip to Utah and Vegas. Utah sounds too cold, and the next time i go to Vegas i will need a date because i want to stay at the romantical Venetian and see the Phantom of the Opera. (yes, i just made up a word.)

- volunteer. even a selfish bitch like me can give back to the community. i've had volunteering on my mind for a few years but didn't have time with school. now that i've graduated, i have plenty of time. i'm eyeballing the local literacy group.

- cooking more. i've actually realized that i enjoy cooking! i don't make anything fancy schmancy or even from scratch, but seeing as how my previous version of cooking involved peeling back the cellophane and nuking for four minutes, actually using the stove is gourmet. i hope to try more things and learn the basics.

- write. this one is hard to accomplish sometimes because it's so easy to put it off or forget to do it. i am committed to making it work this year.

- i know a few years ago, i wrote that if i was ever single i'd resolve to be a big ol' slut, and i just may stick to it. i don't want a relationship really. just good old fashioned fun.

- less thinking. i think part of my problem is that i think to much. damn! there i go again. this is harder than it sounds. i plan to be more spontaneous. and less focused on the past and people who just bring me down.

- keep going to the gym. i'm not dieting or planning to lose weight or anything cliche like that. i've been good about going to the gym now that i'm not tired all the time from school, and i just plan to keep it up. at first, the gym will be packed with wide eyed delusionals who think they will keep it up all year so i will need to get there early to get into my classes, but once they fall back into their regular slothful habits, i will be able to be more lax, too.

well that's about it for now. nothing too big or hard. i hope you guys all have a great New Year.


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