Monday, March 30, 2009

random crap

-i got NIN/JA tix. i failed miserably at the presale because i couldn't read the captcha...repeatedly. i think i need bifocals. that should prob exempt me from the pit, but i'm pretty sure they don't do a walkers, canes, reading glasses pat down at the gate. anyway, i got some during the regular sale. (tickets not bifocals...)

-since i'm taking time off to see the show and drink heavily on the road, i can't afford new tires. mine are bald. good think i believe in prayer.

-someone told me that i was the Daphne to their Niles. i thought that was incredibly sweet, and it melted my cold, black heart for all of two seconds.

-Script Frenzy starts in two days. i have no idea what my plot will be. again, i'm resorting to prayer. that or lots of booze.

-my plan today is to leave work and go home. and then promptly go to bed. i have a sneaking suspicion that someone is going to thwart my plan. that person will pay dearly. unless they bring a Sonics tea. then maybe not.

-i need more birds in my life. i'm considering a humming bird feeder, but i really don't know if Lubbsuck has humming birds. i'm too lazy to look it up. but i sure would like to have a couple of little bird friends hanging out on my porch.


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