Wednesday, March 18, 2009

serious post

well as serious as it can be coming from someone who just spend the last few minutes singing Blondie's "Call Me" at the top of her lungs to her coworkers and whose work IM blurb says that "i am Batman."

those of you close to me know that this past year has been tough for a lot of reason. physical. emotional. spiritual. you get the idea. i've counted on lots of resources ranging from friends and family to doctors to prayer, etc. you get the idea because if you're reading this blog, you're surely not a buffoon.

but i'm cleaning house. i'm moving on from detrimental relationships and habits. i'm getting rid of lots of mementos and things from my past. it's very liberating. it's very comforting. in all honesty, i didn't come to such conclusions lightly. i left the ball in others' courts, so to speak, and let their actions show me if they had my best interests in mind or not. some did. others didn't. of course, i don't expect everyone to have my interests in mind ALL the time, but with my recent troubles, i did need that for now. and i did make that clear. i can only control my own actions and not those of others. i'm assuming they have made choices based on what is most important to them, and i respect that. i've also decided to remove myself from relationships that were full of drama. personally, i left high school behind when i grabbed that diploma. so i just need to do what's best for me at this point.

so maybe in ten years, if i'm still alive and kicking (people in the shins), i will call up some old peeps and see if we can be friends. but until then, i have eliminated several people from my life.

on the other side of that coin, there is someone from my past that i've been thinking of contacting. it's prob not the wisest idea, but i'm thinking about it anyway.

that's enough rambling about such serious nonsense. let's lighten up this mo fo by me admitting that i've been calling a coworker by the wrong name for about six months. that can't be good...


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