Wednesday, March 11, 2009

another christine moment

so the bro and i are in Dallas visiting peeps. we always do tons of shopping while we're there because lame-o Lubbsuck only has crap stores. we decide to go to Sam Moon, but we have Rockstars. Sam Moon has a no beverage policy so we return to the car, and i place mine in the console. we shop and shop and shop.

so we are done there and deep in conversation. we're walking back to the car. i hear Tangerine Dream say, 'that's not it.' it doesn't really fit into our deep conversation, but i don't say anything. i go get into the car with all my purchases. i reach over to grab my Rockstar from the console, and it's not there. instead, there's a lotion there. i look around, and everything's different. now i get it. 'that's not it' meant 'that's not my car.' i'm in the wrong fucking car! it wasn't locked so i hopped right on in and made myself comfortable. meanwhile, T.D. had just mosied on to the right car and was patiently waiting for me to figure it all out...

i jump out and run to our car which was two spaces down. i'm laughing so hard i'm crying. i'm just glad that no one had been sitting in that driver's seat because that would have been awkward. who doesn't lock their car? i mean, i should have been able to just pull on the handle, and when it didn't open, i would have realized it wasn't our car.

in my defense, it was a white SUV. that's where the similarities stopped. surprisingly, we weren't drinking anything stronger than a Rockstar at the time.


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