Tuesday, March 31, 2009


-someone finally decided to make a Where the Wild Things Are movie. yay! here's the trailer:

-i actually did what i said i would do yesterday. i went home and went to bed. it felt great!

-for some reason, my mention of bifocals yesterday sent the senior citizen crowd to my blog in droves. i need to stop acting like i'm eighty.

-the wind here in West Texas has been especially crappy lately. well really the weather has in general. it is 80 one day and snowing the next. it's really cutting into my running time, and it's making me crabby.

-i'm ordering a new phone tomorrow. mine is cracked so it's dead to me. i think it broke during a drunken stupor. details are fuzzy. anyway, any suggestions for a new phone?


Blogger Michael said...

I've been living off of LG phones for years...

They haven't been pretty or trendy, but they've worked well... and are easily hackable.

3/31/2009 02:55:00 PM  

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