Sunday, May 21, 2006

how to land a rich guy

i don't usually announce the keywords that bring people to my blog, but this one's interesting. someone found me by looking up "how to be a gold digger and find a benefactor." if you're looking it up in Google, you probably don't have what it takes. maybe i'm wrong. maybe you can learn it. i'm no expert, but i've dated many guys with money so here's my advice should you stumble back by in your search. first of all, if you don't have cash, use a credit card and charge some clothes and a makeover. then, go hang out at ritzy places. look around for guys with platinum cards, big flashy cars, and an ego to match. then make eye contact. the rest happens naturally. good luck! (p.s. you may only want to try to attract a young hottie, but remember the older they are, the sooner it'll all be yours. just ask Anna Nicole.)


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