Saturday, June 10, 2006

the war in my head.

i have a decision to make regarding my lunch hour. should i go to the gym since i've ditched all week and am beginning to feel like a worthless pile of flab, or should i go home and nap since my insomniac ass only got 53 seconds of sleep last night? on one shoulder i have a big, buff angel whispering, "don't start slacking or you'll end up looking like Fat Bastard in drag." on the other one, a drowsy devil is telling me, "you need all the energy you can muster in order to celebrate your sister's birthday right." i guess i could always take what i like to call an executive lunch and leave the office for about four hours to do both. unfortunately, my anorexic bank account is on it's last (very skinny) leg so that last option is probably not in my best interest. i need more coffee before i make such grave decisions.


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