Thursday, May 25, 2006

succumbing to peer pressure

it seems i got tagged for a meme. normally, i would ignore said tag and go about my business, but since i'm not taking any classes during the first summer term, i have no business to go about. so here goes.

5 things in my fridge:
well i'm not at home so i will be listing 5 things in the fridge in my office. be afraid. who knows what might lurk in a fridge the cleaning ladies only empty when the they hear something moving inside.

1. a bottle of ranch dressing with someone's name on it- that person hasn't worked here in over a year.

2. 8 lbs of beef patties

3. an almost empty box of Arm and Hammer

4. 3 tubs of mustard potato salad

5. a weird mildewy smell

5 things in my purse:
1. my iPod- because i head to the gym straight after work every day, i must have my trusty iTunes with me. if i don't, i may resort to just curling up on the treadmill and napping.

2. my flannel- i've had it so long that i'm pretty sure i wore it in the womb. i don't go anywhere without it because i'm always cold. (and, yes, my purse is the size of a mid-sized family car.)

3. my asthma inhaler- i might as well have a pocket protector and tape on my glasses, i know.

4. Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand- i've been trying to get through this novel for the past fifty years, but something always comes up. i will get through it this summer even if i have to lie about it.

5. credit cards- i love the plastic.

5 things in my closet-
1. a cupcake pink wig- for when my neon red hair isn't appropriate.

2. a stuffed crocodile- the first thing anyone ever won for me at the fair. i picked him because he looks vicious.

3. 50,000 pairs of shoes- if i had a bigger closet, i'd have more.

4. faux leather pants- don't ask.

5. board games- i love board games!

5 things in my car-
1. a bottle of water- that is probably boiling in this hundred degree weather.

2. hair clips- i have such massive quantities of hair that i cannot live long without a hair clip so i keep one handy at all times.

3. freeze dried corn- it's toddler food, and somehow it was left in my vehicle. they're really tasty, too.

4. gym bag

5. sunglasses- don't get me started on my co-dependent relationship with sunglasses. i always have a spare because you never know when you will lose them in a drunken rampage.

well, i'm supposed to tag 5 more peeps, but i'm lazy. if you want to do the meme, please do. then leave me a comment. if you don't, i don't blame you.


Blogger Moose said...

I just scanned over your reading list. Jesus Christ, you must be taking the exact same classes I took. I even wrote my senior thesis on The Awakening. Do I even remember what that book is about? No.

5/25/2006 06:21:00 PM  

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