Saturday, August 26, 2006

one long, sleepless night

1:00 AM- i begin wondering if i should hit the hay because i have to be up by 7AM for work. i'm not sleepy, and i'm busy watching TV so i push any thought of responsibility out of my mind.

1:30AM- i go to bed where i proceed to toss and turn for what might actually be considered eternity.

3:30AM- Bitter Half gets up to load up the car because he's ditching me for the weekend, that bastard.

3:40AM- B.H. is still not back upstairs and i'm beginning to wonder if he joined that party across the way that was about to get some wild weasels thrown at them for being so rowdy.

3:45AM- no sign of B.H. and the party seems to have quieted down. i'm seething because i can't sleep until i know B.H. left me the key to his car. i graciously let him take mine in a moment of insanity. plus, the front door is still unlocked and might as well have a giant neon sign advertising a single woman asleep.

3:50AM- i hear the door open and B.H. rummaging around. i prepare to give him the eye rays of death when he goes into the bedroom for being so loud and annoying.

3:51AM- B.H. comes in and gives me a kiss and tucks me in. my evil plan of pure evil dissipates.

i toss and turn some more, but then i finally fall asleep. i awake later and realize my bladder is so close to bursting that i might need emergency care at any minute, but i decide to turn over and ignore it. when i can't sleep, i decide to go ahead and get up for the day. when i grab the alarm clock to turn it off, i realize it's only 5:30AM. wtf?!?! i go make pee pee and return to bed.

7:01AM- the alarm goes off. i reset it for 7:30. why i didn't set it for 7:30 in the first place is a question for the ages, i'm sure.

7:30AM- i rise and shine and give God the glory, glory.

8:45AM- i send an ugly text message to all my coworkers advising them that my partner in crime is MIA and i won't have any support until 10AM so they'd better leave me the hell alone.

9:25AM- i'm sipping coffee and enjoying blogging while no one bothers me.


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