Thursday, September 07, 2006

i have another year of this crap?

here's what happened at school today:

-in one of my classes, my instructor was lecturing on evolution. he began to mention the missing link, and several minutes into this section, a girl raised her hand and asked him what he meant by missing link. she's in fucking college, and she had never heard that term. i almost kicked her chair to get her attention and tell her i was looking at it, but i forced myself to control my impulses.

-one of the most annoying girls i've run across at Tech fell today...desk and all. i think she's mildly retarded.

-after a full day of class, i was too lethargic to walk to my car so i decided to wait for a bus. i was armed with a crossword puzzle and expecting a pleasant wait. however, as i walked up, a douche saw me and said, 'i like your hair.' i didn't really mind too much because when you have purple hair, you should expect comments. he went on to tell me he'd considered dyeing his hair green. so far he's not really bothering me. then, he told me that, along with green hair, he'd like to wear white face paint, a purple suit, and yellow teeth so he'd look like The Joker. he went on to tell me why The Joker should not be feared. his rationale was that he's just a clown, and there is no real reason that anyone should be afraid of clowns. after all, they're just people under all that makeup. i looked around for the bus so i could throw myself in front of it, but it was running late.


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