Friday, October 27, 2006

conversations of the day

yesterday, Tangerine Dream and i went to the mall to shoe shop. we decided to go ahead and browse around because we don't get out much. we're both Bath & Bodyworks fans so we went in to smell all the fabulous holiday products, and here's the conversation that ensued:

Tangerine Dream: the guys are all going to laugh at me tomorrow when i tell them i went to Bath & Bodyworks.

me: who cares? they're the ones missing out.

T.D.: they are missing out.

then i kept on shopping when i hear a defiant Tangerine Dream.

T.D.: i really don't care if they laugh at me. i'll be soft and supple and they won't!

that's about when i started pretending he wasn't with me.


in my office, we like to work in the dark. the only problem is that when we turn off our lights, our boss's lights turn off in her office too so we can only pretend to be in a cave when she's not here. lately we've been turning them off during her lunch break, and she gets mad when she gets back to find us sitting in the dark which is what happened again today. she threw the switch up and mumbled under her breath.

me: my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

boss: oh, shut 'em.

me: okay!

co-worker: don't tell her that. she's probably already asleep.

me: zzzzzzzzzzzzz


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