Friday, December 08, 2006

ding a ding dang my dang a long dongle

i'm free! of what, you ask. well, not school or work or Bitter Half or my family. what the hell am i so happy about? oh, yeah. i'm free of wires. i got a wireless headset for my new iPod yesterday, and it is fabulous. i laughed and pointed at some sad sap who spent his entire bus ride untangling his earbuds. wires are so eighties!

i learned that the little gizmo you plug into the mp3 player for the headphones to work is called a dongle. the English language has officially run out of good words. we're scraping the bottom of the barrel, folks.

this week, Tangerine Dream and i have made buffoons of ourselves all over town. for no reason whatsoever, T.D. started randomly talking about his underwear into the Arby's drive thru speaker. the person on the other end was so flabbergasted, he couldn't take our order. then we told the CompUSA guy yesterday that my iPod was too big and black for my liking. (but i ended up getting another black one because, as they say, once you go black...) later i called him a bastard ,and T.D. told him that he'd stuffed his coat full of merchandise. despite our antics, we were well recieved because that guy waived my restock fees.

i should be at the gym, but instead i'm pretending to be working on my portfolios. i think i'd rather put my eye out with a red hot poker than do more schoolwork. hootchie mama!!!


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