Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Year Zero review

well the new NIN CD officially came out today, and i thought i'd do a little review since i have a paper and a project due, and i don't feel like doing them.

-Hyperpower!- first of all, who puts and exclamation point at the end of a song title? Trent, that's who. it's his way of giving the finger to whoever the hell he's mad at since this CD seems a bit angry. (well, i guess they all do, but this one is "roid rage" angry and not "i hate myself" angry.) It's just a bunch of noise that i think got put on the CD by accident and then needed a name to look like it was done on purpose.

-The Beginning of the End- so this one isn't that angry. it's just a doomsday prophecy. like one of those old dudes holding a "the end is near" sign. not that i'm calling Trent old...

-Survivalism- you've heard this one. it's the one where the band shows off its manliness by shouting in a really loud, macho tone. it makes my little, girly heart go all a'quiver.

-The Good Soldier- (i'm not sure, but i'm beginning to suspect that this might be a politically charged CD...) nothing much to say about this one. Trent sings about trying to believe. it's kinda sing songy. might make a good nursery rhyme.

-Vessel- i have no idea what this song is about. it's long and wordy. i might need some Ritalin because there are still eleven songs i need to review.

-Me, I'm Not- watch out. Trent busts out with the falsetto in this one. he might even use a Timberlake dance move when he sings it live. (i wouldn't know because he's still touring overseas.) there are some echo effects, too. it's a treat for the ears, folks.

-Capital G- that's a G as in gangsta. what? it's not? well either way, i'm pretty sure Trent had the hiccups when he sang it. and there's some guitar work so the rest of the group will have something to do while they're on stage.

-My Violent Heart- it's only the eighth track, but Trent is tired. he's not even singing by now. he's just talking. and he's recycling lyrics from previous CDs. it might even just be a mash up of old tracks.

-The Warning- there's a funky little tune at the beginning of this song that makes me want to belly dance while shrooming. i think it put me in a trance because i have no idea what the song is about other than it's a warning. maybe pregnant women shouldn't listen to it.

-God Given- this one is very tricksy. it starts just like about fifty other NIN songs, but then when you're pretty sure you're being scammed, he changes it up. plus there's some whispering with no telling what's being told to you on a subconscious level. and i think he's judging me for being a minority. i think someone is banging on trashcans in the background, too.

-Meet Your Master- someone was playing a video game when this one was recorded. there's a lot of blips and bleeps and zoinks. of course, i can't blame whoever it was. we're already on track eleven with no end in sight.

-The Greater Good- i couldn't understand a word of this one. but, since the title told me, it's a damn good song.

- The Great Destroyer- talk about a flashback. i'm pretty sure Trent busted out the parachute pants when he made this one. there are some pretty good lyrics at the beginning followed by 6.8 hours of synthesized noise.

-Another Version of the Truth- oh oh. Trent must have just remembered that he likes to put instrumental, piano-heavy songs in his CDs. since there are none up to this point, this one is extra long to make up for it.

-In This Twilight- no comment.

-Zero Sum- more talking. it's kind of a lecture about how we knew better, and we're all douches. then it gets kinds of preachy. who needs church when you have the new NIN CD?!

overall, i must say this one is a weiner. run out and buy it this instant so you can participate in the glorious experience that is Nine Inch Nails.


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