Sunday, May 27, 2007


why am i grouchy? a couple of reasons. if you've ever watched a soap opera, the writers often do what soap fans call SORASing which is soap opera rapid aging syndrome. that means a three year old kid will show up tomorrow as a teen in order to introduce a new, exciting character. any discrepancies this may cause on old story lines is never discussed. what does this have to do with me? i think i've been SORASed. i feel like i'm a hundred. (and unlike in the soaps, i'm not a new and exciting character, i don't have a super high paying job that i'm way underqualified for and to which i never have to actually go, i don't wake up with perfect hair and make-up, and i don't have a lineage that takes a rocket scientist to figure out.) i've been having a pain in my side the past few days, and it's getting worse. i blamed Bitter Half for elbowing me in the night, but seeing as how i haven't really been sleeping and when i do finally get some shut eye i wake easily, that's a crumbly accusation. i hope i don't have a cracked rib.

the other reason i'm grouchy is because i got an email from the douche bags that did my graduation pics. when i checked it the day after the big event, i could steal the images and was planning on posting them here. i guess they wised up, and my stupid ass didn't save them at the time i tested them. now everything's blocked. i can't right click, copy, screen capture, or anything. if anyone knows how else to do it, let me know. i did get to save a tiny thumbnail from the email, and if i want you guys to be able to see it, it will be pixelated to the point of atrocity. that might be all you get.


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