Saturday, June 30, 2007

damn it all to hell

i'm not going to get the script done in time, but it's not my fault. a vicious spider decided to "feast on me," as my sister put it, and damn near sent me to the hospital! who can write under such conditions? i had an allergic reaction which made my foot swell up to roughly the size of a small elephant's. after it didn't get better, Bitter Half made me see my doctor. good thing, too, because apparently it was more cause for alarm than i had realized. my physician said if it got any worse he was checking me into the hospital ASAP, and then he sent me home with three presription meds (none of which were the good kind.) plus i got two shots while i was there. needless to say, i was just a little bummed. B.H. was out of town so i crashed at my mom's for the day yesterday. nothing like a little babying to set things straight because my foot looks a little better today. hopefully it will continue to get better because i am in no mood to be in a hospital. and as my brother graciously reminded me, it's the same damn foot that had the toes broken whilst on a trip to Vegas. how much more can a foot take?!?!


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