Thursday, May 24, 2007

new ways to torture myself

i just worked out so hard, i feel as if i'm going to vomit. now that i've painted that eloquent picture, here are my future plans. this past semester i was pretty sedentary since i all i did was write and read and wish i was dead. i think i lost all muscle mass. my only exercise was the x-biking class i was attending twice a week. this is no spin class mind you. spin feels like a nap in comparison. in fact, just thinking of x-biking makes me break a sweat. anyhoo, if i go to x-biking twice a week and don't gorge like that glutton fucker on Se7en, then i maintain my weight. however, i wish to lose 15 pounds so i'm going to continue to attend x-biking and add at least three spin classes a week to that regimen. along with some weight lifting to tone up my atrophied limbs, i think i can lose weight fairly quickly. i also plan on dieting. that's the hard part since i put bacon above Bitter Half on the friends list. i'd put a little ticker tape thing on the blog so everyone can congratulate or point and laugh at me, but i seriously am about to pass out from my vigorous work out.


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