Monday, October 01, 2007

jury doody

i said doody!!! i went today, and they actually picked me! i get to return for doody tomorrow morning unless the case settles. aside from an 18 month federal grand jury stint, i've never been picked. i'm stoked.

last night, as i was lying down in my apartment with a stomach chock full or biscuits and gravy to the point of deformed distension, i heard a loud banging on my front door. now that i'm single, i had no one to gesture frantically towards so i went about my way of lying around like a gluttonous beast. then, i heard a lot more commotion. someone fell down the stairs! and the first noise i had heard was probably that buffoon losing his balance and using my door as his last, unfortunate attempt at saving himself. being the apathetic American that i am, i ignored that scenario, too. this morning before jury doody and as i opened my door, i wondered if i'd find a body lying at the bottom of the stairwell. i didn't. good for him, i guess.


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