Wednesday, December 05, 2007

good news

-after numerous calls to Dell, they are finally replacing my monitor. the lady said i would have it by tomorrow or Friday at the latest. that means i'll hopefully be back to my old blogging self soon.

-my little Simon is going great! he's healing nicely, and i got him and Macaroni a new hammock at the pet store today. i even splurged on the fleece lined one since their fur is thin in their old age.

-i will officially be single soon. i can let go with a clear conscience because i gave it my all unlike b.a. who has not allowed our relationship to end before beginning another. like someone told me:

I think he's making a clouded decision because he's already involved with someone else. If he had taken time to think things through, things may have been different. I really don't think there is any way he can be honest with himself while taking on another relationship at the same time.

i only wish him the best, but i do think he will regret his choices one day. i am going to give him a little more time to make sure he's doing what he thinks is best for him, but then it's single city for me.

-i have decided on a new hairdo, and i plan on getting it done by this weekend since i have lots of plans. it's a new look for me, and i'm hoping i like it. with my new computer monitor, i will definitely post pictures.

-i almost got up early twice this week to go to the gym before work. i set the alarm, and when it went off, i thought for several minutes about going. that's as close as i've come yet! maybe one of these days, i'll actually do it.

-that new Coen flick i've been dying to see is actually opening at a nice theater here in Lubbsuck. i'm going to see it this weekend.


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