Monday, November 05, 2007

overly ambitious

i am really good about accomplishing my goals, but i am a huge procrastinator. i also have the attention span of a fruit fly. these two things in combination with my caffeine dependency* mean that i often squander my time gagging lollies. so i've undertaken a hugely ambitious new plan. it's a schedule. that's right, folks, i've become one of those people who divides her day into little pieces and then does something productive. it's very rigid, and i hope to follow it relentlessly for now until i can become flexible without spending the day shopping online or hanging out at the coffee shop. don't fret, though. i scheduled plenty of downtime on the weekends for hanging out, reading, watching TV, or surfing the web. i also scheduled some major gym time since i've been wallowing in McRib sauce for the last week. i'm not sure if i can adhere to a personal schedule. i can't even adhere to my work schedule. i pretty much just come and go to the office as i please. mainly, though, no one is holding me accountable. it's just me monitoring myself, and i cheat and lie a lot. hmmm. this will end in disaster, i'm sure.

*speaking of caffeine, my sister bought me this new hot chocolate that has the caffeine equivilance of a coffee. yay! my two loves are married. my life is complete.


Blogger Michael said...

I made myself a schedule before.

It lasted 3 weeks.

One thing unexpected came up and that was the end of the schedule.

11/06/2007 12:00:00 AM  

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